After an incredible performance of “Crying In The Club” to open the 2017 MMVAs, Camila Cabello headed back stage to talk to our Damnit Maurie!

But it’s her follow up single that really has people talking. Since she’s clearly mad in this song, and singing about someone, we had to know if the person she’s singing about knows the song is about them “I think so” Camila says “I wrote it about one person, but it could be about more then that one person… I hope they know though.”



She’s said in the past that she likes to write while in the bathroom or the shower, but she says “It’s not while the shower is on” She goes on to say “I used to write in hotel bathrooms, i used to put my laptop over a towel or over the toilet.”

She’s once said “writing means I have to feel everything” We asked her to tell us more about this statement “Sometimes I’m not ready to write about stuff that I’m not ready to deal with emotionally. It’s happened during every big situation in my life. Once i went through a big break up I didn’t write about it… I was at home and I didn’t write about it for a week Because I wasn’t ready to confront those feelings. I wasn’t ready to go there. And the same thing happened with this album, except for six months that i wasn’t really able to talk about what i was feeling.. It was just built up like boiling water. It just means I have to feel everything in order to write. If I don’t feel something, I can’t write about it.”

Since we’re celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday, we had to find out who her Canadian crush is “He’s not really my crush because he’s one of my best friends but Shawn Mendes, But I love him, he’s one of my best friends and I love him”

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