When I was a young warthog…


My best friend’s mother used to occasionally throw us in the back of her MASSIVE car, bathing suits at the ready, and head out to a SECRET location that it seemed VERY few people knew about.

Today, I was reminded of the incredibly blue-yet-clear waters of the Morrison’s Quarry.

PHOTO CREDIT: Shorediving.com
(Photo Credit shorediving.com )


An article popped up in my FB feed, reminding me of a place I had spent QUITE a few days swimmin’ away at, as a kid… marvelled by the Downed Plane in the water, you could CLEARLY see just by looking down.

Now, it seems my fave “swimming hole” has become a significantly higher traffic spot, and knowing how to FEEL about that is… odd….

HAPPY that they’ve seen a huge upswing in traffic, that’s afforded them a chance to upgrade the facilities, and offer some pretty cool diving experiences and more?


SADDENED, that what seemed like “our childhood secret”, is now public, bigtime

Regardless of that struggle, hoping to take my wife n Kids up there for their first time, in the near future.

I’d encourage everyone to pop in and check it out sometime.

The Colour in that water, alone, is worth the $10 admission (for a carload).


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