Let’s face it, the playoffs are always RIFE with crazy superstitions from SUPER FANS supporting THEIR teams.

Sandra’s leg hair is so long, I think Ginger has started braiding it in the mornings, to stop it from brushing the mics.

MY attempt at a playoff beard ALMOST looks like a real beard now.

I feel like the pinocchio of facial hair, with a smidge less lying.


Some people listen to specific songs.  Some players eat SPECIFIC foods.  Some take naps of an EXACT length…


And then: there’s the pee socks.


A Half an hour before Game 6, I was about to bathe my 8 month old son (and almost 4 year old, in a tub-WITHIN-a-tub INCEPTION-esque engineering feat…), whilst wearing MY lucky Sens Socks.

I got him down to his birthday suit, and started walking from his room to the bathroom with him wedged against a bare chest (I was about to bathe two kids. Not leaving a shirt on for that, that’d be ridiculous…

When suddenly, I felt very warm, and splashingly wet.

Reece, little stinker, managed to “get me”. and GET ME GOOD, he did.   And the carpeted floor in his room, suddenly seemed like it was under a sea of yellow. #AllInURINE I guess.

Here I am, COATED in fresh… paint… let’s say.

I managed to get them both bathed, changed, and Reece to bed, Liam into his SENS PJ’s, ready to come down and watch the first period before bedtime for him…

Still wearing these pee-stained socks.


You ask the good people of twitter.

And the RESOUNDING reaction:   Keep em on, Ryan.


When the Sens managed to WIN Game 6, I got a flood (HA. I GET IT.) of messages telling me I’d better put them somewhere safe, but NOT wash em.


So into a ziploc, and INTO the freezer they went.
They’re still in the bag, removed from the freezer this aft by my wife, And YES, I’ll put em on tonight.


Because I’m #ALLIN, Damnit.


I believe in this Senators squad. Completely.

Why NOT us?





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