Shaun Frank is May’s ‘One to Watch’ artist with his song ‘No Future’, but did you know Shaun Frank has teamed up with some big name artists in the past, including The Chainsmokers?!?!

That’s right, Shaun Frank helped to co-write The Chainsmokers biggest hit song, ‘Closer’.

He spoke to Billboard about how that song has changed his career saying, “I’m now a published songwriter. I’m working in L.A., writing a lot of songs, working with all these dudes that are writing big songs now. I love it. It helps me keep my chops up. When I’m touring a lot and not working on songs — it’s a muscle. It forces you to write more. Unfortunately what happens is sometimes I write something great and I have to give it someone else. That kind of sucks. I’m not really into that part of it. But as I do this more, if there’s something I really love, I’m going to be like, ‘Guys, I really love this. Can I have it?’ The bigger I get as an artist, they’ll let me have it. “



He also joins The Chainsmokers on their Memories: Do Not Open tour!



Shaun has also teamed up with singer Ashe on his song, ‘Let You Get Away’. He spoke to Billboard about working with the talented singer, “She’s awesome. She’s got a sick, cool voice. I found her on Facebook, she was singing on another record. She came up to Toronto and we wrote like seven songs together. This was one of the ones that really stood out. It’s a got a real festival, trappy drop, so it really works live. I knew that I wanted to put something out that really hits live. “

Ashe also has a brand new song out called, ‘World on Fire’, check that out below.



Other Shaun Frank collaborators include DVBBS and Delaney Jane.

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