Last night, Hundreds (thousands?) of empty seats at a ROUND 2 Sens Playoff game, THAT WE WON.


Is the win the top story today? Nope.

It’s the fact that there were so many unsold seats left.

Theories: There’s tons. Phoenix pay issues. Higher prices. Location. Etc.


The Truth:


We’re a walk-up city, that’s gotten even worse, somehow.


Understand the following: I’ve lived here for around 3/4 of my life… left a few times, always came back.


This city has ALWAYS had one major problem, regardless of the size of the venue/show offered.

Walk-Up tickets, and the expectation they’ll be there.

Hear me out, before you scream about that one artist who sold out 4 straight shows, etc.


Concerts/Big events rely on ONE thing, to make their tour stops worth it:  PRE SALE Tickets. They want to be assured that bringing their EXTREMELY expensive touring show, is going to be WORTH them doing so.

Over the course of my 15 years working in Radio now, I’ve had an even BETTER chance to see just how many artists flat out pass us by, when it comes time for tour stops.

Why is it, that SO MANY artists can go to Montreal one night, Toronto two nights later, and just take that MIDDLE day off?

Fatigue? HA. No. 

Truth is: Stopping here is a full-on GAMBLE.


Not enough pre-sale tickets, ever.

No pre sale, to a concert promoter (booker, whatever) = Not enough money to fund the staff necessary to keep everything on the ground running properly, stage hands, catering, etc.

Thus = Not stopping there. Nope. 


You want to see that CHANGE? You want to see more HUGE artists hit this BEAUTIFUL city, desperate to see them without driving a few hours?




That’s all it’d take.


I sure hope the 2nd game’s a sellout, or we’re gonna have to hear more about this for weeks, MONTHS even.

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