Ok, that was too obvious not to write, but it’s true, Mr. Snapchat, the Keys God, DJ Khaled has released a brand new single called, ‘I’m the One’.


The track features a star-studded lineup (as always with DJ Khaled records). Justin Bieber sings the hook, and he’s joined by Lil Wayne, Chance the Rapper and Quavo from Migos who all take turns spitting a verse.



‘I’m the One’ is the new single off his Khaled’s forthcoming Grateful album which is set for release later this summer.


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Khaled has already released the record, ‘Shining’ featuring Beyonce and Jay Z.



The album will also feature appearances from Drake (the Drake vocals came in!), Rihanna, Nas and many more.

Take a listen to ‘I’m the One’ above and let us know what you think!?



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