There hasn’t been a show like Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why that has literally captured my mind for this long and in such a long way.

The show is based on the novel by Jay Asher which tells the story about a high school teenager named Hannah Baker who commits suicide and leaves tapes for the people she says made her do it; the story is told through eyes of her friend Clay Jansen, who is part of the tapes in a crucial way.

Now, it’s important to discuss timelines here.

Each of Hanna’s reasons are covered in each of the show’s 13 episodes (I.e, Hannah’s rape by Bryce at his party, that awful date with Marcus, Sheri knocking over the stop sign that led to Jeff’s deadly car crash).

But in the 13th episode as each of Hannah’s class mates and friends are being filmed as they are being questioned, a small detail appears during Zack’s interrogation…





November 10th, 2017.

That date is several months after the show’s premiere date (March 31st, 2017) ; the show is set in present day, which means several of the events that led to Hannah’s death haven’t happened in real life as of yet.

So, what does it mean?

Well, fans presume that the message is simple: While we know that nothing can save Hannah’s life now as she’s taken it, if you know someone who has been bullied, assaulted, slut-shamed or harassed in anyway that you STILL HAVE TIME to save them and to make a difference.

Movie Plot writer Bridget Serdock wrote, “This means that Bryce Walker hadn’t raped Jessica, Sheri Holland hadn’t knocked over the stop sign that led to Jeff Atkins’s fatal car crash, Clay and Hannah hadn’t hooked up — resulting in Hannah being unable to show her true feelings for him out of past traumas, Bryce hadn’t raped Hannah yet, and Mr. Porter hadn’t told Hannah to just let go of what happened to her and act like it never happened.

Pretty unbelievable and powerful.




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