No, we aren’t a “sports” station.

That doesn’t mean the people that work here aren’t allowed to have their own identities, and cheer for things THEY love.

I’m a Sens fan. Through and through.

When the Senators came to town, I was 10 years old.

PRIOR to that, I’d claim to be an Oilers (or Kings…) fan, solely because The GREAT ONE and I share a birthday, and I thought that meant I HAD to cheer for wherever he was playing.  (Unique stat: it’s Ellen’s Bday, too).

1992 rolls around, and this team hits the ground… crawling.  (Those that were there, remember.)

I’ve never changed allegiances, since that first puck drop.

Here we are. 2017, on Playoff-eve-eve, and with it, the playoff traditions.

Playoff traditions are often ridiculous superstitions that won’t make ANY sense to those around you…

They make PERFECT sense to real fans though.




Wear that smelly jersey for every game, and anyone that tells YOU it isn’t “business attire” in your workplace can call ME, and I’ll explain the importance of it.

Beard up, or Leg-beard up… and own it, even if your facial hair growth is so awful that you get ridiculed constantly (IT’S NOT MY FAULT, I SWEAR. 😉 )

Have a special pregame ritual? DOUBLE WHATEVER IT WAS. And and post it for all to see (unless it’s illegal… then keep it behind closed doors. )
Still trying to figure out what the plan is for this Sens/Bruins series… Might involve the destruction of Teddy bears in VERY graphic fashion.




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