The trailer for the new Netflix original series Girlboss just dropped and we are so here for it. The series is loosely based on the book by Sophia Amoruso, founder of the fashion brand Nasty Gal. Actress Britt Robertson (who’s about to go from “I know her face from somewhere” to It-girl status) plays the boss babe with the now-iconic short bangs who got her start selling vintage clothes on eBay and was at the helm of a legit multi-million empire by the time she was 27.

Here are five reasons we’ll be watching when all 13 half-hour episodes arrive to our ’flix screens on April 21.

1. The fashion
We spied so much dreamy vintage—and a few hilarious long-forgotten vestiges of the mid-2000s blogger boom like the Jeffrey Campbell Litas – in the 2:34 trailer, we kinda lost track (but, P.S. look out for the white Gucci sweatshirt at 1:15). Who doesn’t love a sharp, intriguing, lady-centric show that *also* serves up style inspo? No one, that’s who.

2. RuPaul will be there
The legendary performer and drag icon plays Amoruso’s neighbour in the film, warning her to watch out for STDs in the trailer. Mama Ru always has your back.

3. It’s got a srsly impressive creative team
With Pitch Perfect 1 and 2 and 30 Rock alum Kay Cannon as showrunner and How to Be Single’s Christian Ditter as an executive producer, there’s no doubt it’ll be funny *and* smart.

4. Charlize Theron and Amoruso herself are also executive producers
So you know it’ll be chiiiiiic.

5. But will they go into Nasty Gal’s recent financial troubles?
Whether or not they’ll touch on the company’s 2016 bankruptcy filing (and recent acquisition by UK retailer Boohoo) remains to be seen but it’s yet another reason we have a Netflix binge date for April 21.


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