It’s International Women’s day, a day where we get a chance to shine the light DIRECTLY at those women who are doing incredible things in our world, who inspire us, who work their BUTTS off to make the world around them better.

I’d like to take a few seconds of your time to shine that light at two, in my life:

1st off: My Mother, one of the strongest women in the world.


An accident that took a part of my mother’s legs and SO MUCH more, should’ve taken her from this world before I was ever in it.

Doctors have basically told her she “should’ve been dead by now” so many times that it’s become something to laugh at hysterically.

She’s taken some HORRIBLE things that have happened to her, and turned them into fuel and inspiration for THRONGS of fans and followers.  She’s CONSTANTLY reinventing herself and learning new things to stay ahead of a tech-curve that still baffles me.

Today, she’s a Social Media Marketing GURU and Motivational/Inspirational speaker at conferences all over.


And then, There’s Léa.


This is my beautiful wife.  My ACTUAL other half. 


Mother of these two little punks:

both the boys

On top of two kids running her ragged while her husband plays around with buttons and listens to music all day… She’s a successful business owner who helps OTHER people become, or BE, comfortable in their own skin.

She’s put up with my crap for just shy of a decade, moved across the country with me AND BACK, even let me take over her car (which is now the inferior of the two we drive 😉 )!1

Today, she got the news that she gets to be a life saver, so to speak.

After a string of blood tests to make sure everything was kosher, she’s been accepted as a donor for the Rogers Hixon Ontario Human Milk Bank , an incredible organization that hooks up babies in dire need of breastmilk… with, well… breastmilk. 🙂

My Wife’s Boobs Save Lives.

And that’s pretty damned amazing.