Music duo Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol make up Marian Hill and their new single is very catchy.

Earlier this year, Apple used the single to debut their iPhone7 and their AirPods in a commercial (which you can watch below).



The Apple commercial really helped sales for the single, something the duo didn’t expect.

Samantha told Billboard, “You hope for it but we certainly did not anticipate the degree to which everything has exploded. We grew up watching those ads.”

Being in an Apple commercial is something the group never thought would happen to them; they grew up watching iconic Apple commercials. Jeremy said, “We just proceeded as usual in our head, not expecting much.,, But for it to do everything it’s done has been really gratifying and surreal and validating.”

Samantha added, “I saw it online the day it came out and I was with my friends and family in their hotel room. Thank god so many people watch football! The stars could not have aligned more perfectly… and to actually have them say our name at the beginning [of the ad] was so perfect.”

‘Down’ also happens to be a favourite of Samantha as she told Idolator when asked what her favourite song from their debut album, Act One was, I would say my favorite song is either “Down” or “I Want You,” especially to sing. But I really enjoyed writing “I Want You” because we never write anything in major. It was definitely a challenge, and I think we second-guessed ourselves like, “Is this ok?” But it’s just really happy. I enjoy that song a lot.”



Take a listen to Marian Hill’s single ‘Down’ and learn more about this month’s one to watch artist HERE.

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