Sharleen Joynt shares her first thoughts on Episode 4—including why she’s bumping up Raven to her top 4. (And stay tuned—she’ll discuss Taylor v. Corrine in her written recap, landing later today) via Flare.

Sharleen was a contestant on Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor (18) back in 2014 and currently works for Flare – Canada’s Fashion Magazine in addition to being an Opera Singer.
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Though Sharleen left her quest for reality-T.V. love with Juan Pablo on season 18 of The Bachelor despite being a top contender, it didn’t take her long to find love off camera.

She shared the news of her engagement to boyfriend Andy Levine via Instagram:

“I’ve always been skeptic when it came to love. I’ve often wondered if there was a better fit for me out there. I’ve doubted my choices and focused on the imperfections. I’ve rarely been certain. But, I’ve never been more sure of anything in the world than I am of this love.”


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