Kesha and Dr. Luke drama just officially spread to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

Wait… what?

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Gossip site says a text message between Kesha and Gaga has been “added into evidence” in her sexual assault case against former producer Dr. Luke (Lukasz Gottwald).

The presiding judge has given Gottwald permission to share this text, from April 2016, with both Gaga and Katy Perry.

Still confused? We are too…

The contents of the text have been sealed by the judge, so we probably won’t be seeing the conversation any time soon. Why Perry? Why Gaga?

Back in 2014, Gottwald sued Kesha’s lawyer for falsely stating that he’d raped Lady Gaga.

Ok… so, where does Katy Perry fit in? 

Perry and Dr. Luke have worked together on a number of her hit songs. Was Gaga talking about Perry in the text? Was Kesha mad at Perry for working with Gottwald? Katy has not addressed the drama or the text, admitted into evidence December 26th.

For more, visit the DailyMail’s comprehensive write up by CLICKING HERE.

In other news, the singer has decided to unplug in 2017, offering this explanation to fans:

Regarding the “unfollowing” spree, Kesha now only follows eight accounts. Four die hard fans, three nail art galleries and a cat named Berlioz.

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