If you are a fan of The Bachelor franchise you know the story of Nick Viall.

He’s been the runner up TWICE on season of The Bachelorette (Bachelorette’s Andi and Kaitlyn both went with different men). Nick even tried his luck at love on Bachelor in Paradise, but that didn’t last. Now, he’s hoping that the fourth time is the charm in this new season of The Bachelor.

Below, check out a near four minute preview of what we can expect this season. As usual it features, a lot of tears, drama and heart break.

We’ve also learned that one of the women had a previous one night stand with Nick before the show!

Listen to the clip below as Elizabeth Sandoz reveals her past with Nick and then see their awkward reunion!

There was even more drama before the season started as another Bachelorette suitor, Luke Pell was allegedly led to believe that he was going to be named as the new ‘Bachelor’, ahead of Nick.

He told E! News, “Over the past few weeks leading up to the announcement, we had come to terms with a contract that everyone on both ends was happy with. We planned out what the season would look like in detail. They even asked about my sister coming on an episode of the show. Casting was almost, if not completely, finalized.”

He continued, “The decision was made apparently on Sunday, and I was supposed to fly to L.A. Monday and already had all my bags packed. They called me Sunday night and said it wasn’t me. I didn’t know who the Bachelor was—I found out with the rest of America.”

Is he upset about the apparent last minute change?

He says, “I’m fine, I’m content. It’s the same as how I left The Bachelorette, unexpectedly. I felt like I didn’t deserve that…I don’t have a problem with it if they think that they have a better candidate for the show, that’s fine. But it’s the way that it was handled. Asking me to be genuine and authentic and open and vulnerable…and then I don’t get genuine and authentic in return from the organization.”


Also, meet the 30 women vying to win Nick’s heart, HERE.

The Bachelor premieres TONIGHT!

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