This month’s ‘One to Watch’ artist James Hersey refers to himself as a “progressive singer-songwriter” but he’s much more humble than that label sounds.

In a recent interview with BBC News Beat, he said, “I’m not obsessed with being famous. I don’t think I’ll ever be famous anyway but if I am, I promise you now that I won’t be insane…It would be cool if people like my voice, that’s enough for me.”

That can be tough, as many young artists (he is 28) struggle in the limelight, but James has vowed to buck that trend.

He also spoke about his musical journey and is determined to continue to work hard and make music people want to hear, “It’s been a long build up and I’ve really wanted to get here and now I feel like the work is just beginning. I’m six years in now and I’m putting out my first international release.”

James Hersey just released his debut solo single, ‘Miss You’, check that out below!

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