Ed Sheeran has been enjoying time away from the spotlight following the release of 2014’s ‘X’ (pronounced ‘multiply’) and subsequent world tour. So… what’s he been up to? Well, after an entire year of Twitter silence, Sheeran tweeted this:

Um. So. Is this technically him “breaking Twitter silence” – I mean… there are no words. Not really. Just a big blue square. Hmm… In fact, if you visit the singer’s official Twitter profile page (@edsheeran), you’ll be greeted by a blue profile pic, and background.

Before you check, allow KiSS to save you some time by telling you that: YES, Sheeran’s Facebook has also received the blue make-over treatment. Does this mean new music is coming? Maybe something with his BFF Taylor Swift?

taylor swift, ed sheeran
Image Source: Getty / Larry Busacca/TAS


Many fans and entertainment bloggers are placing their bets on this being a sign of new music to come from Sheeran, even going so far as to guess that album number three will drop sometime in January. The third LP will be a follow up to the wildly successful ‘X’ which became the second highest selling album in the world after Adele’s ’25’ in 2015.

As per his social media silence, this image was cross posted to all of Sheeran’s public profiles on December 13th, 2015:

Sheeran’s reps have been contacted for comment but so far, no official news from his camp regarding new music. What do you think ol’ Ed’s up to?

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