I’ll take the heat for this personally, but I HATEA Christmas Story“.

There. I Said it. Feels good to get it off my chest.

EVERY YEAR, I get a new group of rabid friends that try to convince me that ACS is a holiday masterpiece, the perfect example of a PERFECT movie to get you in the mood for the season…

And every year, they fall flat.

This same fight comes up between my wife and I every few years, when it comes to another Holiday Classic…


The backstory, First: 

Every year, we do something called the “12 days of Christmas Movies”, where we watch a cherished classic (or new fave) Christmas movie every night, leading up to Christmas Eve’s “her side of the family” screening of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Ever since the FIRST year we started doing this, we’ve had to institute a “No veto” pick EACH (so: I get to pick ONE movie she can’t veto, and vice versa)

My Pick is ALWAYS Die Hard. She says it isn’t a Christmas movie, as the pic above says… she’s wrong.

Her pick is usually something lame like “Love Actually” (can’t stand it either, even if RICK GRIMES is in it.)



What’s ONE holiday movie everyone else seems to love, but you CAN’T STAND?