Fans of Adele are the latest to face the LUDICROUSLY high prices of scalping websites and “outside party” ticket agents, and the numbers are STAGGERING.

Imagine despserately wanting to see YOUR fave artist, and being told you’re gonna need to shill out over $15,000 to score a ticket.

That. Just. Happened.

SOME Tickets for Adele’s Wembley stadium shows are being re-sold for £9,000 , which works out to around $15,141.15 at the current exchange rate.

At $9 an hour (figure that’s probably the take home on $12 an hour) , you only have to work JUST SHY of 1700 hours to go to the show.

(or 70 straight days, with no sleep and no breaks.)


Once again: If you’re a Scalper…

You’re a Jerk.