The NCC recommends Tunney’s Pasture for the new Civic Hospital.

Hospital officials’ had their sites set on the Experimental Farm. About 60 acres of land directly across the street from the current Civic Hospital on Carling Avenue. Location makes sense, right? However, the agreement between the Hospital officials and the former Conservative government placing the new hospital on that land did NOT go over well with the public.

The Liberal government decided to revisit the issue after serious issues arose concerning the historic value of the farmland. It then became the NCC’s job to consider a number of proposed sites and choose the best option.

“Not only does it best meet the 21 criteria, its pre-eminence is supported by the most-recent data concerning the long-range urban intensification in the core of the capital.”

– Dr. Mark Kristmanson, NCC CEO

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Tunney’s Pasture campus is situated on a 49-hectare site filled with government workers. The NCC believes it’s the best site for the new Civic campus of The Ottawa Hospital. (CBC)

The proposed site will impact the western end of the Tunney’s Pasture complex but will not affect the entire property. Eight buildings will have to be demolished, according to the Hospital’s assessment. The Hospital has also expressed concern about the proximity to Highway-417 for ambulances, saying “patients requiring acute trauma care will not travel via light rail.”

Officials with Agriculture Canada say it’s best to leave the farmland intact and, in the end, will ultimately be pleased with this morning’s recommendation by the NCC.

Stay tuned for more… there will definitely be more…

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