We might not be having turkey, but we do get to reap the reward of American Thanksgiving with the biggest shopping day of 2016. Black Friday. Are you ready?


Before you brave the lines and fight for the deals, here are a few things you should do today to prepare:

It’s all about preparation

Have a plan. I don’t know about you, but when I see a SALE sign, it triggers something scary in my brain, that I have no choice but to act on. So, know what stores you want to hit, or at least which people you want to cross off your holiday shopping list. Should help with those impulse buys!


Be mindful of your budget

Sit down and have a conversation with your credit card about how you’re not going to go overboard this year. If that doesn’t work, write your current balance on a sticky note and put it on your card so you’ll think twice before you go to swipe.

Closeup portrait of woman shopping online on laptop computer with credit card


Manifest your Destiny

JUST DO IT, MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE and get that flat screen TV that you SO put on his list this year.

Watch the Shia LeBeouf video “Just Do It” to help you put out your intentions to the universe to get the best deals.


Go to your Happy Place

Look at photos of cute animals to help you visualize their adorable fluffy faces while you’re fighting with people for cute shoes. It’ll help you keep your cool so you don’t knock someone out.

Big dog and little kitten


There’s Safety in Numbers

Bring a friend. There may be some lines you need to stand in, or need a second opinion, or just a buddy to help you fight off the masses.

Your Black Friday buddy should also be your Zombie Apocalypse buddy.


(You, if you try to shop alone)
(You, if you try to shop alone)


Be a Savvy Shopper

Don’t get caught up in the sales that aren’t super-wicked-awesome. What is 10% off?! That’s a crappy sale, that’s what that is!


Manage your Expectations

Be prepared for a little chaos. Hopefully you can keep your own crazy at bay with the help of our list, but go in expecting a little from others. Or just have this article ready on your phone to show them. That way, they’ll also be distracted so you can swoop in and grab the deals while they’re busy reading. Genius.


Be Kind

This one is self-explanatory. Or if it’s not, stay home and read no further. You get a time out.


Calm Down

Load up a playlist with soothing sounds to help you decompress once you’ve let the shopping center. We recommend trying some whale sounds.


Treat yo’self!

Have your favourite comfort food ready to reward yourself afterwards. You’ve had a long day on your feet and being the best person ever getting killer Christmas girls. You deserve a reward.

Chocolate Chip Cookes


Now, you’re ready for Black Friday. Happy shopping and good luck!



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