A naked pic of Justin Bieber has been leaked thanks to the hacking of his ex Chantel Jeffries’ phone! The hacker even TAGGED Selena Gomez in the leaked image!


As this story is still developing, we know the LATEST gossip is that this is an older photo and appears to be completely photoshopped. Photoshopped HOW?: Well, Justin was probably NOT naked in the original. So someone’s going through a lot of trouble to shop in the nudey bits!

The naked picture surfaced on Chantel Jeffries’ Instagram account with the caption “I love you Justin.” Tagged in the *U KNOW WHAT* area was… Selena Gomez.


Could this be an angry Belieber trying to summon JB back to Instagram? That’s one theory. Hopefully they get to the bottom of this as the whole thing is pretty awkward.

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