If you love the words in this ad for Boba, the writer turned it into a children’s book!  

Laurenne Sala says on her website, “I originally wrote the text as a poem for Boba baby carriers who used it to accompany a beautiful video shot by Jasper Grey of Futuristic Films. Boba artfully finished the video, put it up on their Facebook page, and it had 40,000 shares in a week. Most moms said they couldn’t watch it without crying, so it ended up in the press and got the attention of Harper Collins.”

They decided to pair her with New York Times bestselling artist Robin Preiss Glasser to do the illustrations, and the result is tear inducing (in the best way possible.)

I’m a little shocked that Sala admits she wasn’t a mother when she wrote the words just because they speak to me so strongly.

‘You Made Me A Mother’ is available wherever books are sold.

I’ll just be over here sobbing during storytime.