If I can have an opinion, I feel like Batman V Superman will be #1 at the Box office again this weekend….I saw it (finally), and I LOVED it! I don’t know WHAT everyone (the critics) is so upset about! I’d DEFINITELY see it again! Am I wrong? *ahem*, well, that aside, the NEW movies out in theaters this weekend, include The Witch, Meet the Blacks, and Everybody Wants Some! Have a look at the new movie trailers, inside! Happy watching!

Meet the Blacks stars Mike Epps as the patriarch of a black family who decides they should move from Chicago to a posh neighborhood in Beverly Hills.



God’s Not Dead 2 stars Melissa Joan Hart as a high school teacher who fights for the right to discuss Jesus in her public classroom.



Set in New England in 1630, The Witch tells the story of an English farmer who leaves his colonial plantation and relocates his wife and five children to a remote plot of land on the edge of an ominous forest, which is inhabited by an unknown evil.



 Everybody Wants Some!! is a comedy set in the ‘80s that follows a successful college baseball team that plays hard both on and off the diamond.




 I Saw the Light stars Tom Hiddleston as legendary country western singer Hank Williams and tells the story of how his brief life led to one of the greatest bodies of work in American music.