RihannaVevo / YouTube
RihannaVevo / YouTube

Rihanna work, work, work, works her way onto the YouTube Hits Playlist this week with her Drake featuring single. Check out their steamy video along with some newcomers, Aurora, Ruth B, and Jonas Blue. Watch it all below!


Fifth Harmony ‘Work from Home’ ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Tyler Shaw ‘Wicked’

Aurora ‘Conqueror’

Justin Bieber ‘Love Yourself’

Ruth B ‘Lost Boy’

The Weeknd ‘Can’t Feel My Face’

Jonas Blue ‘Fast Car’

Rihanna ‘Work’

Alessia Cara ‘Wild Things’

Hailee Steinfeld ‘Rock Bottom’

Zayn ‘Pillow Talk’

Meghan Trainor ‘NO’


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