Jason Derulo Vevo / YouTube
Jason Derulo Vevo / YouTube

In the music video for Jason Derulo’s song ‘Naked,’ Derulo appropriately got naked. People who don’t enjoy glorious luscious naked bodies, are upset that Derulo’s video looks a lot like D’Angelo’s video for ‘How Does It Feel?’

To truly assess this situation, we will need to watch Jason Derulo’s video for Naked and D’Angelo’s video for ‘How Does It Feel?’ again, and again, and again, and again.




Now that you’ve hopefully finished watching those two video for the hundredth time. TMZ caught up with Derulo to ask him about the imaginary haters who claim he ripped off D’Angelo. Jason calmly responded, “Yea I was inspired by it.” Watch that clip below:



The only appropriate response to this entire situation is.. WHO CARES??!!! WE NOW HAVE NAKED JASON DERULO GIFS WE CAN WATCH UNTIL THE END OF TIME


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I need a second…