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Be careful what you caption your next Instagram photo. Emojis are no longer just little tiny photos in your phone, they are real life threats against the safety of other humans.

The Washington Post is reporting that a 12-year-old girl from Virginia is facing criminal charges after she caption an Instagram post with:


Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 3.59.15 PM


After authorities were alerted of the post on December 14th, they obtained a search warrant for the girl’s IP address and she eventually admitted to making the post. The Washington Post writes, “The search warrant states the girl admitted to authorities she posted the messages on Instagram and did it under the name of another student. She was charged with threatening the school and computer harassment.” This isn’t the first time a student has been arrested on emoji related charges. A NYC boy was arrested early last year for threatening posts:



As stated, she was charged, but its unclear if the case has been resolved, “The girl was scheduled to make her first appearance in juvenile court on the charges at the end of the month, but it is unclear whether the case has been resolved since the hearings are not open to the public.”



Next time you want to use the Rihanna music video emoji section, think again. Maybe you don’t call the shots, shots, shots.