The iconic shoe gets its first face lift in almost a century!

Converse’s flagship shoe, the Chuck Taylor All Stars are getting an upgrade for the first time in their 98 year history. I don’t know what’s crazier, the fact they are changing the shoe, or the fact that Chucks have been around since the early 1900’s!!

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If you are a Chuck Taylor elitist, fear not, the new “Chuck II’s” are almost identical to the originals, but are actually much more comfortable to wear.

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And to anyone complaining about Nike’s technology impeding on the classic Converses, remember that the shoe would no longer exist if it weren’t for the swoosh. Nike bought the company in 2003 after it went bankrupt, and continued the line of shoes without any real changes. The new shoes combine ‘the best of the two brands, featuring Nike’s advanced technology and Converse’s classic style.




The Chuck II’s feature Nike’s ‘Lunarlon’ material, a lightweight and bouncy foam used in their basketball and running shoes. The shoe still isn’t meant for running or sports, but will now keep your feet comfortable after a long day on the town.


Check out a full breakdown of the Chuck II’s below:





(Images via Flickr, Giphy, Youtube)