originals-210x155ORIGINALS – THE SPRING CRAFT SALE is a completely original shopping experience! There are over 180 artisans from across the country, all under one roof… tons of prizes and another fabulous Girls’ Night Out. It’s going to be quite a night – so be prepared.



Here are 10 real emotions you’ll experience at the 29th annual Originals – The Spring Craft Sale.


1. JOY – because you’ll have discovered Ottawa’s most unique shopping experience.


2. AWE – because of how talented Canadian artisans are. This is how you’ll feel discovering that almost everything EVERYTHING at the show is Canadian handmade artisan work



3. CONFUSION – art, fashion, furniture, food… which should you bring home with you?



4. SKEPTICISM – That all of this stuff can’t be made by Canadian artisans? No way! Really?



5. SADNESS – When you see someone walking out with something amazing – because it’s one-of-a-kind!



6. SURPRISE – Finding the perfect piece to finish your bedroom redecoration project AND the perfect dress for your spring wardrobe in the same place.



7. EXCITEMENT – As you enter each new booth, you realize that every booth is a customized shopping experience.



8. LOVE – Sweets. There will be sweets.



9. FEAR – When you realize you’ll need to wait until next spring for this show to come back.



10. SATISFACTION – When you find something PERFECT.