Summer is almost here! If you’re planning on starting an exercise plan to tone up your beach bod, you don’t have to have a fancy gym membership. Here are 5 easy and inexpensive ways to start your plan:

1 – Set a goal: This will keep you on track and ensure you stay motivated while training. If you’re picking an event as your goal, choose great cause that donates proceeds to charity.

2 – Get outside: It’s the perfect free place to get in shape. If you live near a beach, for example, sand adds resistance to your workout. If sand is not your thing, check out the nearest city park and do some chin ups on the monkey bars.

3 – Check for apps: There are tons of apps that can help you stay healthy. You can customize most of them so you can choose the goals, length and intensity that fit your needs and abilities. Check out a fitness tracker as well. It’ll track your activity, sleep and calories burned so you can make smarter choices.

4 – Make a home gym: Exercises can be done with limited space or a tight budget right at home. Dumbbells, stability balls, a jump rope and even a basic kitchen chair can be a great tool to get your work-out on. Climb the stairs at home. It’s like a stair-climber at the gym…only it’s the real thing.

5 – Get off your chair at work: Sometimes the easiest way to get back into shape is to look for ways to move more and sit less. Try taking the stairs at the office. See if your company  will set you up with a standing desk. Go for a quick walk after meals to boost your metabolism.

A little creativity can go a long way!

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