Rideau Centre

With The New 1053KISSFM’s What A Girl Wants, one of the many prizes you can win is a $4,000 shopping spree at Rideau Centre. Which means you can buy new clothes for the kids, a new suit for your husband, computers for the family, all kinds of items for the house. You could buy all that. For them. But this is What A Girl Wants. And is that REALLY, what a girl wants.

Maybe a girl should be greedy for once.

Cuz you could really do some damage with 4 grand at Rideau Centre. Win…. What a Girl Wants. And you go, girl. Wherever you want to go, girl.

The New 1053KISSFM’s What A Girl Wants is ON. 6 amazing prizes. ONE WINNER.


How do I win an invitation?

Enter the draws in your KISS Friends With Benefits account and keep it locked on KISS. Weekdays @ 7:40, 12:40 or 3:40 we’ll call out a name from all the entrants. If your name is called, call us at 613-750-1053 within 30 minutes and you’re in – with an invite to the What A Girl Wants Dinner & After-Party including a room for the night at the Ottawa Marriott Hotel!

Plus, there will be exclusive Friends With Benefits draws, auctions, ways to win on Twitter, and a bunch of other tricks we’ve got up our sleeves – so listen carefully!