RARE Restaurant & Bar

Get your friends together and celebrate that splinter you just removed from your toe. Your sister told you she just bought a new purse, this calls for a celebration. You recycled today – better get the gang together to mark the occasion!


With The New 1053KISSFM’s What A Girl Wants, you have the chance to win dinners for a year at RARE Restaurant & Bar. And with a year of awesome dinners, you don’t need an event or excuse to celebrate.

You can celebrate everything!


We’ll give you the awesome place to go. You make up the occasion you’re celebrating. A year of free dinners at RARE Restaurant & Bardare to be different!


The New 1053KISSFM’s What A Girl Wants is ON. 6 amazing prizes. ONE WINNER.

How do I win an invitation?

Enter the draws in your KISS Friends With Benefits account and keep it locked on KISS. Weekdays @ 7:40, 12:40 or 3:40 we’ll call out a name from all the entrants. If your name is called, call us at 613-750-1053 within 30 minutes and you’re in – with an invite to the What A Girl Wants Dinner & After-Party including a room for the night at the Ottawa Marriott Hotel!

Plus, there will be exclusive Friends With Benefits draws, auctions, ways to win on Twitter, and a bunch of other tricks we’ve got up our sleeves – so listen carefully!

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