Let’s face it: Pokemon Go is back, WITH A VENGEANCE.

If you didn’t know, the update that released LEGENDARY raid battles has REALLY drawn quite a few players back into playing, and that’s got both ups AND Downs…


The UPS:

It’s been amazing to see gangs of people SPRINTING over from offices to their nearest “gym” to raid together, and almost every one of these I’ve gotten to be a part of has been incredibly friendly.  PLUS: It gets people out there and walking/active.



Sometimes, it appears that players aren’t paying attention to their surroundings. No, I’m not talking about the numbskulls that walk into oncoming traffic because their faces are buried in their phone…


Read a story today that a group of Pokémon GO players were having a grand ole time, playing in a PRIME location in the Orleans area, which just so happens to be a Cemetery.

The BIG Problem: They were playing DURING A FUNERAL, mere steps away.


Sometimes, players can be a little loud/boisterous/rowdy.

Apparently, that was the case here, as the owner of the Cemetery called Niantic (the company BEHIND Pokémon GO) and asked them to remove all the stop from it.  (Quite a few, btw.)

…and they Did.


Lesson here:   That little “Pay attention to your surroundings” warning that pops up WHEN YOU OPEN THE GAME:  It means more than just watching where your feet land while you hunt.